Portraits, street, ... and CATS

It's me - Stefan, photgrapher from Leipzig, Germany.
I was born in 1984 in Berlin, but grew up in Leipzig. In 2017 I started with photography - at the beginning just with a smartphone camera and street photography. After a while I got my first Camera; a Fuji finepix s5600. At this time I began with portraits, too.
My style could be described as retro or vintage as I like soft shadows, low highlights and graiiiin!
The origin of my nickname lies in my resting bitch face:
people often told me I was looking grumpy or bad = cattivo (ital.), so this became my gamer name and later my photography alter ego.
Besides the "bad" name I'm a really shy and soft guy.
My profession is software development and I live with my 3 cats.. jesus..

So long, Stefan